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Please take a tour of our website, gather your thoughts about Blue Pottery, and e-mail us with any questions you may have.
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We are the manufacturers of blue pottery so if you are searching for a new product line for your wholesale or retail business please contact us about our beautiful range of Blue Pottery. We have a selection of over 300 decorative and utility products and nearly 1000 original designs which makes us one of the elite manufacturers of Blue Pottery in all of India.


Job Openings

All present Openings @ Neerja are Full Time positions.

1. Sr. Merchandiser for Online Retail website launching July 2012. - Minimum Exp. 2+ Years;

2. Product Designer - Minimum Exp. 2+ Years;

3. Jr. Merchandiser for Online Retail website launching July 2012 - Minimum Exp. 1+ Years;

4. Jr. Accountant to maintain Day-to-day books, who will be working under Sr. Accountant - Minimum Exp. 2+ Years;

5. Jr. Photographer - Minimum Exp. 1+ Years;

6. Neerja Retail Store - Store Staff - Minimum Exp. 1+ Years;

7. Front Desk Operator - Minimum Exp. 2+ Years;

8. International Marketing Manager - Minimum Exp. 2+ Years;

9. Sr. PHP Programmer/Project Manager for Neerja's Software Division - - Minimum Exp. 3+ Years.


For applying for all the above jobs please email your CV to hr @ with present and expected CTC.

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