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We are the manufacturers of blue pottery so if you are searching for a new product line for your wholesale or retail business please contact us about our beautiful range of Blue Pottery. We have a selection of over 300 decorative and utility products and nearly 1000 original designs which makes us one of the elite manufacturers of Blue Pottery in all of India.
About Us

A Doraya family run renowned manufacturing and export house using the traditional techniques has dedicated to keep the art of blue pottery alive , through employing and training of unemployed and semi skilled artisans and workers. With 35 years of skillful specialization in blue pottery and wrought iron home accessories , they have created a mark in global market by using designs and incorporating traditional Rajasthani designs .


Located in the art village of Sanganeer, the hub of all traditional works and artisane .

Mission Statement

We Aspire to Integrate the Artisans, Handicraft Industry & the Consumer as a Holistically And Professionally Driven Endeavor to Create Meaningful Reason of Sustenance for The Retailer, Environment And Society.

Company Vision

To make best endeavor to make a statement in the handicraft retail industry, create strong reasons for artisans to inbreed and succeed as an organization running on core family values yet professionally and innovatively driven.






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