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Please take a tour of our website, gather your thoughts about Blue Pottery, and e-mail us with any questions you may have.
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We are the manufacturers of blue pottery so if you are searching for a new product line for your wholesale or retail business please contact us about our beautiful range of Blue Pottery. We have a selection of over 300 decorative and utility products and nearly 1000 original designs which makes us one of the elite manufacturers of Blue Pottery in all of India.
About Us

Company Profile

Neerja International

Neerja International is the world renowned and well acclaimed leader and largest Manufacturer and Exporter of Blue Pottery. It’s Warehouse and Showroom are housed in the Pink City of Jaipur in India.

Neerja International dates back to 1978 and was founded by the enthusiastic Ms. Leela Bordia.

Owing to her entrepreneurial zeal, she has been instrumental in creating more than 300 Blue Pottery Products and 1000 unique designs of her own vision and imagination.

The Company supports hundreds of Blue Pottery craftsmen and their families in and around Jaipur and work jointly to create a self reliant atmosphere in the villages where this craft is still professed.

Roll of Honor

Achievements of Ms. Leela Bordia

2011 Outstanding Business Woman Award by the PHD Chamber of Commerce

2011 Outstanding Business Woman Award - 2011 By PHD Chamber of Commerce

2010 Life Time Achievement Award for Service to the Handicrafts Sector by E.P.C.H

2010 Life Time Achievement Award for Service to the Ceramic Sector by the All India Pottery Manufacturers Association

2007-2008 State Awards for Export for a Woman Entrepreneur

2005-2006 Top Awards for Export for a Woman Entrepreneur

2004 Raja Bhagwantdas Award for the Promotion of Traditional Crafts by the Sawai Man Singh II Museum

2005-2006} Certificate Of Merit awarded by the Export Promotion Council for Handicrafts for

2001-2002} Outstanding National Exports Promotion






1998 Honored By Bank of Baroda, Jaipur for Excellence In Exports.

1994 Certificate of Recognition: Given by Globus, Switzerland.

1993 Yuva Pratibha - Awarded by the All India Jain Community

1991 National Award for Best Woman Entrepreneur, given by Institute of Marketing and Management.



A Few Words on the Founder

Ms. Leela Bordia

A lively and vibrant persona exemplified – that is what Leela Bordia is all about. One can see the magnitude, grace and fortitude instilled in this powerhouse of a lady who has strived all her life for the upliftment and betterment of her fellow countrymen and has been accredited with reinstating the glory and stature of Blue Pottery - this once upon a time nearly extinct and dying craft form.

The resurrection journey of Blue Pottery commenced during the year 1978, when Leela Bordia was engaged in social welfare activities in the villages in and around Jaipur district of Rajasthan, India. During her forays she chanced upon noticing some artisans selling their wares of traditional Blue Pottery items. She was instantly attracted to the vibrancy, grace, feel and demure kind of styling of the traditional Blue Pottery merchandise on display. She however saw that despite having the skills of this fine craft, the craftsmen appeared to be in a paltry state of affairs. She realized that the craftsmen had no means of marketing their products and had to sustain on the meagre sum of money that they made when a sale was made by them, which was by no means a regular feature for them.

At that time, the traditional Blue Pottery items consisted of big vases, pots and other heavy items. This naturally needed a big and rich customer owing to the size and material cost of the products. Leela Bordia pondered on the possibilities of innovating away from the well trodden path of Blue Pottery items and envisioned small, delicate and day-to-day useful items made with the same materials. The result of her ingenious vision and dedication to the craft brought forth beauty and intricacy in the form of enchanting door knobs, beads, curtain rods, ashtrays, candle stands, lanterns, coasters, decanters, perfume bottles and other astonishing but useful items.

With the basic objective of doing good for the Blue Pottery craftsmen, Leela Bordia started Neerja International to help the craftsmen in marketing and promoting the Blue Pottery items. Her endeavors had both tales of ups and downs but steadfastly Leela Bordia strode onwards and turned the tide in her favour. Leela Bordia has traversed these last 3 decades to instill smiles and self reliance abilities in the small villages in and around Jaipur District.

Her policy of ‘We shall succeed jointly’, rather than ‘I’ shall succeed solely has always held her in high esteem in the hearts of her co-artisans, well-wishers as well as the Indian and Foreign Print Media who have spoken volumes on her.

Today, Leela Bordia and her firm Neerja International are synonymous with the name of Blue Pottery objects. She has not only reinstated this intricate craft back to its lost glory of the yesteryears, but has also been the originator of innumerable new and innovative Blue Pottery articles.

Her work has been flawlessly accepted by one and all and the Awards and Felicitations ornamenting her Office over the years are proof enough of her excellence and recognition.


Work Culture and Practices at Neerja International


Neerja International’s work culture and practices are based on building self reliant innumerable units right at the place of residence of the artisans itself. Since the time that Mrs. Leela Bordia started going to the villages, her whole concept was to let the craftsmen live at their own abode and do farming along with making pottery. She always wanted the craftsmen still enjoyed their houses and farm land rather than coming to live in a cramped room in the city.


This helps the crafts people to work at your own will and wish with no pressure of time and money, to shed.

Neither do they have to take the trouble of coming to a factory workshop or some other place for creating Blue Pottery items.They can stay at home and work as well as cater to the need of the family and farming. Normally the women of the house, finish their daily chores and help their husbands in making pottery. They could be doing one of the various processes.

The company promotes new and innovative designs and items on a regular basis for the Blue Pottery items.

The company appreciates and encourages new streams of thoughts and ideas from its creative artists which give rise to new business opportunities and gains for the company as well as the craftsmen.

Novel and Innovative Ideas for Blue Pottery objects are the USP of Neerja International.


The Motivation Factor


Leela Bordia’s selfless endeavors are reminiscent of the bygone days of her beloved mother’s sojourns with Mother Teresa to the slum areas and dwellings to tend to the requirements of the needy. Those visits had a lasting effect on the vivacious child Leela, and thus, grew in her the love for Social Work for her fellow citizens.


The Iconic Family


When Leela (as a new bride) stepped onto the threshold of her Engineer husband Mr. Kamal Bordia’s house (with mixed feelings that are so common with a new bride), little did she know that her doting husband and charming mother-in-law would be her staunchest of supporters for her Social Service work to the neighboring villages of Jaipur.

Today the hundreds of craft persons detailed in Blue Pottery manufacture are thankfully indebted to Leela Bordia and her iconic family for their kindness and selflessness which inevitably led to the craftsmen’s prosperity and well-being.

The benevolent couple Kamal & Leela Bordia is blessed with a delightful daughter Aparna (who is an integral part of Neerja International) & an illustrious son Apurv (who is engaged in an enterprising business named Neerja Softwares Pvt Ltd for creating and designing Websites and E-Commerce Gateways). Their Daughter-in-law (affectionately called Dil (heart) of the family) Nupur Bordia is entirely devoted to the nitty-gritty of Neerja International. She follows closely in the footsteps of her multi-faceted mother-in-law and mentor Ms. Leela Bordia and seeks her advice and guidance on all issues related to Neerja International.

The unquestioning die-hard support of the entire Bordia family has stimulated the growth of where Neerja International finds itself today. It is a heartwarming thing to note that even in this day and age when youngsters breeze away to foreign lands in their quests for money, glory and unfettered freedom, the family members of Ms. Leela Bordia prefer to remain in their close knit family culture and business concern i.e. Neerja International.


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